Second-hand KBA presses are modified to suit the production profile and budget of their prospective owner.

The same in-house manufacturing line where they were originally produced also prepares them for deployment at their new location. Original spare parts are used to guarantee the same high standard of quality that customers have come to expect from a new KBA press. Our second-hand machinery has the same ISO accreditation as the new presses built at our Radebeul factory.

As an option KBA offers buyers of second-hand presses installation services and maintenance contracts for all KBA sheetfed offset press that are overhauled in-house.

Your press dealer or local KBA agent will be happy to advise you on the purchase of a secondhand KBA press, and submit an offer for a top-quality press from KBA.

Dealer enquiries should be directed to:

Holland Graphic Occasions B.V
De Stek 10
1771 SP Wieringerwerf

P.O. 51
1770 AB Wieringerwerf

T: +31 227 602642 (central exchange)
F: +31 227 603741